Oak borer tracker

Tracking the Golden Spotted Oak Borer across Southern California with mobile app.

Oak community
MOM public portal
Monitoring Oak Mortality, is the public facing portal for informing the public and crowd-sourcing surveys.
Oak borer map
Oak borer infestations and sightings viewable in a map interface.
GSOB Mobile app screens
Each survey required three pictures of the tree at varying scales, info-graphics eased user adoption and improved photograph quality.
GSOB Mobile app screens
Surveys are validated and saved offline for areas with poor cell service.

Tracking the Golden Spotted Oak Borer across Southern California, UCR commissioned this application from the WRI. This project consisted of an Admin Dashboard, iOS application, and a public facing website. All GIS layers are being served from ArcGIS Server.

  • Features
    • Crowd source data
    • Field survey with geolocation
    • Back office tool with spatial analytics
    • Javascript mobile app
    • Public outreach site
  • Client
    • Water Resources Institute
  • Funders
    • Cal Fire
    • United States Forest Service (USFS)
    • University California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR)
  • Software
    • ArcGIS Server
    • iOS
    • .Net MVC
    • php
    • jQuery