Alluvial fan designer

Early planning tool that helps lessen environmental impact.

GeoDesign book
This application was featured as an example of geographically based design.
Conceptual development design
Developers draw conceptual designs on an Alluvial Fan with realtime geo-processing feedback.
Design report
Design Report summarizing the hazards and risks for a specific conceptual design. Since mitigation costs money; this nudges the developer to save money and lessen environmental impact.
Risk tolerance dials
Risk tolerance dials enable developers to accept certain risks that may span large geographical areas.
Saved designs
Designs are saved and can be revised later.

As described in “GeoDesign: Case Studies in Regional and Urban Planning“, this application creates a top level profile of any area in California. From that profile one could then diagram their proposed land-use and receive realtime hazard analysis. Most innovative is the user’s ability to easily take on more or less risk in any particular hazard and lack of specificity of goals and geography — one tool many goals in many places. Here in the design phase developers are able to make quick decisions to reduce environmental impact.

  • Features
    • Map interface with drawing tools
    • Heads-up risk calculator
    • Design reports
  • Client
    • Water Resources Institute
  • Funders
    • California Department of Water Resources
    • FEMA
  • Software
    • ArcGIS Server
    • ArcSDE
    • .Net MVC
    • KnockoutJS
    • LeafletJS