Aerial image archive

Historic aerial imagery archival and order fulfillment.

Aerial image archive
Historic aerial image of an orchard.
Aerial archive manager
Creating an new image record with preview and loupe in back office portal.
Aerial archive finder
Public interface for performing geographic and time based searches.
Aerial image metadata
Metadata from back office tool is available to end user.
Aerial image purchase
Checkout process with automated fulfillment.

After an initial needs assessment and data discovery, GeoSyntax proposed institutional workflow modifications, schema definitions, automation processes, and a web application. The resulting Archive Record Keeper (ARK) web application facilitates the archival and distribution process of aerial imagery and other documents. A special component to this project was the integration to the XSEDE super-computing network, this project is the first XSEDE – CSU collaboration. Currently aerial imagery is staged on XSEDE servers for future batch analysis and edge matching algorithms.

  • Features
    • Shopping cart
    • Time series search
    • Preview with loupe and metadata
    • Automated order fulfillment
  • Client
    • Water Resources Institute
  • Funders
    • Various Flood Control Districts
  • Software
    • ArcGIS Server
    • GoLang
    • GridFTP
    • Firebase
    • AngularJS