BIM viewer

3D viewer for a web based project management solution.

Fire station BIM model
Los Angeles fire station imported from Autodesk Revit
BIM saved scenes
Analysts have the ability to save scenes and object selections.
BIM Gantt chart
BIM objects tied to a project Gantt chart.
BIM screenshot editor
Views can be saved and annotated within the construction management system.
Subway station BIM model
Los Angeles subway station.

Integration of BIM into a e2020’s web project management application. The model is capable of being symbolized based upon database reports. For example progress, number of open issues, dollar amount of change orders, etc. This project was made possible from the brilliance and hard work from the guys over at The Open BIM Collective.

  • Features
    • Automated model processing
    • Upload model revisions
    • Filter model view by project phase
    • Two-way model objects and document linking
  • Client
    • e2020
  • Software
    • WebGL
    • SceneJS
    • jQuery UI
    • BIM Server
    • SQL Server