WordPress on IIS 8.5


Add “Authenticated Users” to the IIS website directory; usually “C:\inetpub\wwwroot”.  After adding the “Authenticated Users” grant the group “Modify” rights.

Next, under the advanced settings for the application pool, set the pool to run under the “LocalSystem” instead of the default “ApplicationPoolIdentity”.


The rewrite for permalinks should look like this. If using the UI be sure to select “Is not a File” and “Is not a Directory”.


Here are some plugins I use on nearly every install



In the WP-Admin > Settings > Permalinks I like to use a custom structure of  /blog/%post_id% and a category base of blog/category.

If your MySQL database is on localhost  host, in wp-config.php you should use the loop-back IP address for faster resolution.  For example: define('DB_HOST', ''); .

For larger uploads alter value for upload_max_filesize in the php.ini file, for example: upload_max_filesize = 100M.

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