Who we are?

Incorportated at Los Angeles County in 2013 by Cory Silva, GeoSyntax started out providing consulting services for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

Geosyntax has since performed contract work in areas of special interest such as:  Water Resources, Facilities Management, web-based planning tools, aerial photography archiving, and mobile data collection.

Things we do

GIS - Geographical Information Science
Within the broad field of GIS, GeoSyntax focuses on providing mapping based web applications for facilities management, water resources, and landscape analysis.  User experience and information design is at the core of every one of our projects.  GeoSyntax also provides heads up digitizing and onsite GPS data collection (sub-inch).
BIM - Building Information Modeling
In this relatively young field, GeoSyntax provides much the same focuses as with GIS while pursuing the expansion of BIM to include “Building” in the broadest sense as to include all that is constructed within and including the landscape.
IT - Information Technology
As a managed services provider GeoSyntax strives to build lasting win-win relationships with its clients; your up-time is our profit.  Our clients receive not only great service from knowledgeable IT professionals, but also the unique insight from our experience with web development, BIM, and GIS.   We provide support for Windows Servers and Linux servers.